Corporate consulting

In an increasingly complex business world, companies are reliant on professional accompaniment and consulting.

We are at your side to help you:

  • prepare a financial plan
  • prepare your budget
  • prepare your inheritance plan
  • plan the business transfer
  • elaborate the key figures and scorecards tailored to your company, which are indispensable tools for the operational and strategic decisions for your company.

Business transfer

The sale or takeover of a company is a complex matter in view of the economic, social, fiscal and financial aspects that need to be considered.

For these reasons we accompany you, whether you are the seller or buyer, both in the preparation of the process and in the negotiation phase, in order:

  • to assess the past and projected economic performance of the company,
  • to determine and estimate the business risks,
  • to determine the value of the shares that are for sale and
  • to approach the process in a structured manner and to negotiate the final contracts.

Due diligence checks usually take place in advance of the company merger or takeover  in a particularly complex environment, whether that is due to the players with possibly conflicting interests or due to the company-specific risks of the target company, in addition to which the participating parties require thorough analyses and information.

The complexity of these analyses should not be underestimated and is often not easy to cope with. That is why we put our combined expertise to use to make the due diligence a success.