Why use an auditor?

Apart from his role in the legally prescribed auditing of annual statements of accounts, the auditor is a reliable partner in many different situations with which a company is confronted. The quality of a decision in a company mainly depends on the reliability of the flow of information as well as the efficiency of the information source. The daily job of the auditor is to provide an assessment of the quality and reliability of financial and non-financial information.

The auditor is subject to strict standards of occupational ethics, especially with regard to his independence, and his way of working follows internationally recognised standards and rules. Axylium has built up special expertise that gives you and your company adequate security regarding relevant flows of information. All of this guarantees you the satisfactory execution of the order and enables the recipients of the information flows to obtain a clear understanding of the auditing work done and the guaranteed security of the respective order.

Commissary mandates

Our goal within the scope of these mandates is to attain adequate certainty that the annual statements of account are entirely free of major errors and to prepare a report on our audit assessment. Our report enables the strengthening of the trust of third parties in the reliability of the information transmitted to them and thus contributes to an increase in the credibility and esteem of your company. We audit individual statements of account according to national standards as well as group and IFRS accounts.

Legal orders

We specialise in the execution of the following legal orders:

  • Founding of companies
  • Increases in share capital
  • Incomplete deposits
  • Mergers
  • Demergers
  • Changes of legal form
  • Liquidations
  • Changes of corporate purpose
  • Reports on the occasion of payment of a dividend
  • Etc.

Other orders

We offer various other orders:

  • Mandate as a liquidator: We take over the responsibility of the company management in order to successfully conclude the liquidation of the company as decided by the general meeting.
  • Financial plans: We prepare or check your financial plan
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Certification of subsidised outlays
  • Assistance with the preparation of consolidated accounts
  • Preparation of scorecards
  • Etc.

Company valuations

On diverse occasions (e.g. the sale of company shares, restructuring, asset distribution, bequests, issue of share options, ...) the shares of a company must be valuated. In this case you can turn to us to obtain the best possible objective valuation.

This valuation takes place on the basis of the information transmitted to us and a series of relevant criteria (such as risk premium, risk-free interest rate, inflation rate, beta factor, ...).