Our Tax Consulting Department

We have capable tax consultants who have comprehensive knowledge of both fiscal laws and accounting. We advise you on tax planning in Luxembourg and Belgium. We cooperate closely with tax lawyers in the planning consultation.

Moreover, we offer the classic range of tax consulting  services:


  • Preparation of VAT returns within the legal time limits.
  • Help with the preparation of the annual list of VAT-liable customers, as well as the list of intra-community revenues.
  • Support or representation for VAT audits, replies to notifications from the authorities, objections, etc.
  • Others (on request).

Direct taxes

  1. Classification and checking of documents.
  2. Preparation of the corporation tax return, including appendices on the basis of the documents transmitted by the client and our tax consultants' calculations.
  3. Preparation of the tax return of the executive board members/managing directors, including appendices.
  4. Calculation and estimation of the tax and/or advance tax payments due on the basis of the data known to the tax consultant.
  5. Attendance, assistance or representation at tax audits, replies to correction notifications, requests for information, objections, etc.
  6. Others (on request).

Tax consulting

  1. Searching for legal ways to save tax.
  2. Preparation of numerical examples.
  3. Checking and help with compliance with all legal regulations.
  4. Compilation of defence files (examination of the legal doctrine, jurisdiction).
  5. Others (on request).