What speaks for us?

  • Our accounting offices have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of accounting and tax consulting.
  • Comprehensive experience in the various fields of tax consulting and working with the latest technology standard.
  • One contact, closeness and availability for every client (ONE file = ONE responsible partner)
  • A group of numerous experts who can take over in the case of hindrance of the person responsible for the dossier.
  • A broad network for special enquiries (auditors, notaries, solicitors, bankers, insurance brokers, wages offices, various advisors, etc.).
  • Reachability on account of the locations of our various offices: Barchon (5 min. from the city centre of Liège), Verviers, Eupen and North Luxembourg.

Accounting services

  1. Opening and keeping of the accounts under application of the law. The keeping of the accounts includes:
  • Posting of all business transactions
  • Checking and correction of the accounts in collaboration with you and/or your accounts department
  • Centralisation postings
  1. Preparation of intermediate statements of account on a certain date (monthly, quarterly)
  2. Collaboration with the relevant third parties (banks, tax administration ...) in close consultation with the clients as well as within the scope of the professional secrets and our professional duties.
  3. Assessment of the company's internal accounting and issuing of certificates (at the client's request)
  4. Preparation of the annual statement of accounts that is to be deposited with the Belgian National Bank (BNB)
  5. Internal and/or external auditing of the company
  6. Preparation and adaptation of the account plan in accordance with the development of the client's business activities
  7. Organisation of and feedback on your internal accounts department
  8. Others (on request)

Other support services

  1. Cooperation with the wage offices for the preparation and keeping of your file
  2. Advice on the founding/liquidation of your company
  3. Requesting the VAT Reg. No., the licence number, registration as an entrepreneur at the Ministry of Public Work, requesting the certificate of establishment, registration in the company’s database (BCE), accompanying you to the notary for the founding of a company.
  4. Following up of reports in ad-hoc directories.
  5. Assistance with the preparation of all reports: record of the ordinary or extraordinary general meeting, situation report, report of the administrative council, contact to the auditor in case of a special order.
  6. Preparation of various certificates in accordance with legal regulations
  7. Assistance with requests for subsidies
  8. Assistance with requests for credit
  9. Support in case of insolvency proceedings or judicial reorganisation proceedings

Other orders

  1. Preparation and appraisal of budgets
  2. Preparation of financial plans and scorecards
  3. Advice on the financial management of the company
  4. Setting up the internal administration structure and restructuring of the company
  5. Checking the articles of association and assistance with the legal constraints (nomination and resignation of administrators, alarm procedure, ...)
  6. Analysis of alternative remuneration formulas
  7. Analysis of additional pension finance formulas
  8. Checking the organisation options through the founding of companies or alternative models
  9. Analysis of your accounting software needs

Further training

At the client's request we can organise various training and further training courses. We can arrange them individually and include various emphases (tax, basic VAT knowledge, daily accounting, alternative remuneration, balance analysis, ...).