TKS Audit

Who we are

Tilff Office
Allée de la Fraineuse 26
B-4130 Tilff

+32 43 69 18 11

Eupen Office
Lascheterweg 30
B-4700 Eupen
+32 87 74 01 12

Barchon office
Rue Thier dy RY 5

+32 42 48 22 01

Verviers office
Avenue Peltzer 46
800 Verviers
+32 87 22 21 53

TKS AUDIT, founded in 2017, continues the activities of the office founded by Helmut THISSEN in 1987 under the name "H. THISSEN & Co"  and later known under the name "THISSEN, KOHNEN, SIMON & Partners".

TKS AUDIT is a mid-size office that is aligned to companies of all kinds: small and mid-size industrial and commercial companies or service providers, companies from the public sector, hospital sector or non-commercial sector.

Our office has branches in EUPEN, BARCHON, VERVIERS and ESNEUX. Apart from classic audit orders, we also offer consulting services in the fields of finance, law and tax. We execute our orders in Belgium and other countries (Luxembourg, Germany, ...), including as part of due diligence orders or group audits.

As auditors we offer a wide range of services. We intervene as commissaries of your company and carry out the orders foreseen by commercial law, valuation and due diligence orders, legal expert's opinions, etc.

We specialise in particular in

Relying on oneself means taking a big risk.


Our team and our strengths

TKS Audit

Our audit team consists of master and bachelor graduates, who receive regular further training in order to be able to offer you the best possible service. Thanks to the multilingualism of the team, we can act on behalf of many companies and offer optimum accounting, tax and financial solutions in a targeted manner.

Our strengths:

  • Know-how
  • Availability
  • Experience
  • Multilingualism
  • Individual consulting